Roof Trusses

Made to order trusses

Timber trusses are strong, easy to assemble and are designed in various formats in accordance with the specific roof requirements for the design of the project. Timber trusses are economical and can be made to size for both a residential or commercial project.

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Why use Roof Trusses?

Versatile Design
Engineered with precision equipment, roof trusses are extremely flexible in design and can be made to suit your project’s unique plans. All of our trusses meet high engineering and safety standards, and are also built to withstand the demands of extreme weather and other special criteria.

Fast and Easy

Pre-fabricated frames are delivered on-site, making installation quick, simple and hassle-free. As well as reducing time and labor costs, this gives added security as the open roof is exposed for a much shorter period of time and onsite theft is minimal as trusses are normally a once off design


Roof trusses are a cheaper alternative to conventional roofing. We only use the required timber when building trusses, and there is no wastage on-site. Think how easy this makes site clean-up!