Timber Wall Framing

Made to order Frames

Renewable Plantation Resource

Timber provides the only renewable house frame and is sourced from sustainably managed New Zealand plantations. For further information about the environment and sustainability aspects of plantation framing timber



Timber framed construction is suitable for use anywhere in New Zealand and is supported by New Zealand Standards for design and construction. Timber construction is tough It can also be used near the ocean where timber’s natural resistance to the elements makes it the material to use. In Europe and Japan properly designed and maintained timber structures have lasted for centuries in uses such housing, bridges and temples.


Design Flexibility

Timber framed construction is lightweight but strong and allows the designer to be free of the restrictions of heavyweight materials. Little wonder that New Zealand’s  architects and designers use timber in innovative design as well as adding warmth to their projects. Timber is the traditional construction material used in residential and commercial projects in North America, Europe and of course Australia and New Zealand.



Prefabrication is the partial construction of timber framing before it is delivered to the jobsite.  this means the construction  of roof trusses and wall frames that are delivered to site, lifted by crane and then stood up, braced and nailed together. Prefabrication has been a significant factor maintaining timber framings advantages in further reducing construction time and costs.


Easy to Use

Timber framing is by far the easiest construction material to build New Zealand homes. It has high strength for its weight and can be easily nailed together to produce modern award winning forms. Further, timber construction can be easily extended in the future using readily available tools..