VIP Frames and Trusses Services

At VIP Frames and Trusses we provide a range of different services to meet our customer requirements starting with quoting right through to on site delivery.

VIP Design house render for VIP Design section of VIP Frames & Trusses website
VIP Design house render for VIP Design section of VIP Frames & Trusses website

VIP Design

Start the process with us by enquiring about our experienced in-house Architectural Designers. Our designers will work with you and your builder to design the home you want. Whether it be a spec home or an architectural build, they will make clever design decisions by working with the in-house detailers, truss designers and fabricators to make the process simple, efficient and precise.

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VIP Design Terms & Conditions

VIP Frames & Trusses staff members in office referring to paper plans of house at computer
VIP Frames & Trusses employees looking at floor plans in VIP Frames & Trusses office


We are happy to provide no obligation free quotes, simply send us your plans or make an appointment to discuss your specific requirements. Our quotations are detailed to ensure that all aspects are clearly outlined and our pricing is all inclusive based on high quality accurately made frames, loose timber and roof trusses, delivered to site.

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VIP Frames & Trusses employee looking at floor plans in VIP Frames & Trusses office
VIP Frames & Trusses staff member at computer using software to design house plan


When the job has been confirmed we pass your plan on to our experienced detailers.

Using the latest sophisticated MiTek Sapphire software we can accurately map all your frame and truss requirements including specific allowances for environmental conditions and other requirements that may be requested.

VIP Frames & Trusse staff member in factory using commercial nail gun
VIP Frames & Trusses staff member driving forklift in factory

VIP Frame & Truss Production

Your plans are then sent to our computerised saws and nailing machine.

They are then assembled with top quality workmanship, stacked in order and labelled for straightforward installation on site.

We provide fully detailed layouts and installation guides with all our pre-fabricated products and all products are manufactured to the New Zealand building standards.

VIP Frames & Trusses timber frames being lowered by crane onsite by VIP Frames & Trusses workers
VIP Frames & Trusses timber frames being lowered by crane onsite by VIP Frames & Trusses workers

VIP Pre-Fabrication

Over the last few years our customers have been looking for faster and more advanced solution to the commercial and residential build process enabling a quicker and superior product to the end user.

A simple solution that the market was struggling to provide was an effective way to supply prefabricated build systems such as sub-floors, mid-floors, wall panels and roof cassettes.

Working closely with builders and their needs VIP have produced an offer that has considerably reduced the time and manual labour on site requiring only simple fixing rather than traditional time-consuming build processes.

Having completed more than 500 panels in the past 18 months and with a factory shift capacity of 1200lm VIP are well equipped to manufacture anything from a small garage to large commercial projects in short turnaround times.

Drone photo of steel framing and trusses installed on site for a house build
Close up shot of steel truss and framing. VIP Frames and Trusses

VIP Steel Frames & Trusses

VIP Steel Frames & Trusses is an innovative solution brought to you by the reputable VIP Frames & Trusses brand. VSFT is now offering a competitive steel frame solution for both the residential and commercial building sectors. With capabilities for both the traditional timber frames and our new steel framing solution we are your reliable partner for all of your framing needs.

VIP Steel Frames & Trusses Website

Steel and timber frames erected onsite by VIP Frames & Trusses workers
Steel and timber frames erected onsite by VIP Frames & Trusses workers

VIP Structural Steel

Structural steel is often used in residential builds where a timber span may not meet structural requirements. Because we have a close partnership with VIP Structural Steel this allows us to harmonise the whole process of your design, manufacture and installation when structural steel is required.

We can complete onsite measurements, quotes and onsite welding for steel installation. We can also supply a wide range of residential and commercial structural steel products.

VIP Frames & Trusses crane truck transporting timber framing with Auckland harbour and Harbour Bridge in the background
VIP Frames & Trusses crane truck on site loaded with prefab timber framing

Transport & Delivery

Having a full range of dedicated truck and trailers gives us complete control for the delivery of our products, removing any potential third party restrictions. Our experienced drivers and hiab operators will safely deliver your products to site anywhere across New Zealand.

VIP Frames and Trusses employee wearing VIP Frames and Trusses branded high-vis polo in front of a truck
Image of VIP Frames and Trusses Traffic Management service in action focussing on safety and efficiency

VIP Traffic Management (TTM)

VIP Traffic Management provides exceptional traffic management services with a customer focus on safety and efficiency.

VIP Traffic Management specializes in comprehensive solutions for the construction industry, and various other sectors with a focus on getting the job done.